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1. 80’s Baby
2. Outcast
3. Moment’s Grasp
4. Trip
5. Back On My Feet Again

Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Marc Johnson
Recorded at The Pop Machine, Indianapolis, Indiana, and Queensway, Carmel, Indiana
Mastered by Andy VanDette, Engine Room, New York City, New York
String arrangement on Moment’s Grasp by Eric Klee Johnson
Second engineer on Back on My Feet Again Adam Faler

All songs written by:
Brenna Shannon (Neon Rays/ASCAP) and Marc Johnson (Wonderdrug Music/ASCAP)
Except Outcast written by Brenna Shannon, Marc Johnson, and Ava Orpilla
Back On My Feet Again written by Dominic Roy King, Frank Musker, and John Waite
(Universal Music Publishing Mgb Ltd., Notting Hill Music Uk Limited, Carlin Music Corp.)

Brenna Faith - Vocals, Piano
Marc Johnson – Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Bass Guitar, Drums, Piano,
Synthesizer, and Strings
Eric Klee Johnson – Bass Guitar on A Moment’s Grasp and Outcast
Halley Arnett – Shouts on Trip

Management - David Highbaugh for Hyball Entertainment
Record label - Indie 500 Records
Cover art and photography - Josh Dage
Legal - Terry L. Monday, Monday McElwee Albright

Brenna thanks: Jennifer Chastain, Patrick Shannon, Corey Feldman, David Highbaugh, Marc Johnson, Hype Magazine, Jameelah Wilkerson, Josh Dage, Daja Marie, Corri Bethel, Linda Asher, Eric Klee Johnson, Terry L. Monday, The Pop Machine, Indie 500 Records, Mark Moran, Tiffany, John Waite, Cassie Highbaugh, Jodie Johnson, Renee Michelle Merrifield, Jason Joliff, Ed Osbourne, Darren Ali, Halley Arnett, Ava Orpilla, Mariah Broader, Jim and Rita Zink, Cassandra Zink Highbaugh, Larry and Sandra Highbaugh, Richard and April Scott, and Ronald Boyd DeVoe Jr.

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